When you did finish he pulled out of your other entrance and let his spiked hang loosely to the side.In order for things to be fluent and non chaotic they both have to be active together.His metal mouth was disturbingly warm just like the rest of him.However you were pretty sure he groaned because he picked up pace against you.He gritted his saber like fanged denta and squeezed your waist.. League of legend poppy. Moving his kisses from your neck to your lips, you gladly enjoyed his kiss along with the complimentary of his fangs tickling your tongue.A groan was your only response to the joke and his twin Sunstreaker had gave him one too.They will not wait for each other to take turns.What was the intense overload for him was just the feeling of distinct fluid ejaculating inside you, still just as equally enjoyable.It surprised you how they felt like the artic ice during an average day and then having sex they both felt like they were left parked outside in the summer for several days.I basically combined all of my requests for them into one mini series.You wouldn't have to because he was going to answer himself anyway.Vaginal and Anal intercourse wasn't really at all your thing but when it came to the twins it was the only option.A few moans followed by the familiar hot thick liquid and it was easy to tell that he was certainly spent.With both of them trapping you in between them, it was almost like fresh air didn't exist.It didn't help you climax but it certainly did help him.Six months into a relationship and the smell of organic metal never really clicked with you.

sunstreaker x reader x sideswipe
Sunstreaker X

Transformers Lemons - Mini Series! Multiverse! Sunstreaker X Human Reader X Sideswipe - Wattpad

Ratchet looses it with Sideswipe and Sunstreaker

.Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner AH (Criminal Minds). NCIS. X-men. Flash.Comments: 66 Kudos: 870 Bookmarks: 79 Hits: 77836.WILL INCLUDE: Avengers. - MCU Daredevil. Arrow. (All spin-offs) CSI (All spin-offs) Criminal minds. Deadpool. Supernatural

Against the wishes of Charlie, they set-up shop in Old Maccadam's scrap yard. Arrow. X-men.The team begins adapting to life on Earth - and you're there to help.Sunstreaker just wanted to get away from the fighting. Deadpool. The Hobbit. Of course, no one ever said any of Cybertron's residents were sane.But now it's too late and all that's left are distant memories. Supernatural.What sane Cybertronian would let themselves be starved of transformation and love.WILL INCLUDE: Avengers.Sideswipe just wanted to help them live a better life.Bumblebee's distress signal reaches Prime and the others. - MCU Daredevil.They didn't mean for it to end the way it did.So when you get the chance to gain the upper hand, you damn well take it. Flash.. (All spin-offs) CSI (All spin-offs) Criminal minds. NCIS

sunstreaker x reader x sideswipe
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Sideswipe, as popular as he was, knew not one soul in Praxus.He knew the anguish Sunstreaker was going through even if they didn’t have their bond between them to clue him in. “Remember?” Sideswipe prompted, almost anxiously.The second addition to this series is already four chapters finished though I won't post it until I finish with this first part.Sunstreaker panicked, afraid they’d been caught, but Sideswipe remained as cool and collected as ever.Listen to it while you read this if you like. GamTav Chapter 1. My real one is in the Towers, in Altihex, but I needed a change of scenery.The only way to get in and stay in was to have a resident back a potential citizen.You were clearly stressed if the rhythmic tapping of your fingers had anything to say about it. “Of course I do,” Sunsteaker huffed as he rolled his optics.We were out on the streets for 8 solar cycles before--!” Sideswipe didn’t bother to look over.Sideswipe just wanted to help them live a better life. “I feel terrible, having two homes to choose from at my leisure while you have none.He suspected they’d get called to an SO’s office for it later in the cycle after Sunstreaker sent someone else to the infirmary.You shook your helm and rose sharply to your heeled pedes.There are a few minor characters that I loved too much and had too much influence in the making of this story for me to not continue with them.. Not yet.A rich mech like you probably couldn’t even fathom not having more than three different beds, let alone an entire house to call your own.He pulsed back reassurance to his twin but otherwise ignored his concerns.Which is nice since I get to focus more on the story instead of worrying if a guy would really do this or if this behavior was girly enough for a female.” The stubs on your back—much smaller and more rectangular than Praxian doorwings that only consisted of two large panels while you had four little ones, like a dragonfly’s wings—drooped.Sideswipe finally shuttered his optics against the mangled, twisted remains of what once was the cultural center of Cybertron. Narancia ghirga r34. I don't really have any huge explanations or announcements to make yet.Members of the Autobots or the Decepticons were strictly not allowed at this point.He hadn’t gotten his natural gold switched for the blue lenses yet.Now that I've figured it out, I'm super excited to get it all down and finished finally.The twins belonged to neither faction but Praxus was neutral and staying that way was becoming harder and harder with so many mecha trying to influence the city.

resist.Games, terrible puns, jokes and stories will give your mouth and stomach muscles a workout while your brain just vegetates.” - Ratchet Despite knowing that they are both capable warriors, you may begin to start feeling anxious during battles, jumpy or restless when they are patients in the med-bay, and even may have the occasional nightmare about them.Though you have slept in their shared berth many times previously, this time feels different. The.At first, he doesn’t offer you rides around the base; later you can only sit in his hands ( even Sideswipe would get a whack on the helm if he scuffed or dirtied his paint job ). Gay incest stories tumblr. .With Sunstreaker, it may take more time to develop a connection with him.Don’t worry, he eventually confesses he is, “ no, not afraid”, but uneasy with the reactions of certain Autobots about you being with a “ mech like him” - whatever that means.Except for this time, Sideswipe greets you with a kiss on the top of your head and sleepy but satisfied sounding “I love you.While you have been developing a strong love for the twins, they have noticed their mirroring developing affection towards you.Confession Progressively, you notice how your heart beats excessively when you’re simply around the two Lambos or even think of them.Bonus ( the last one seemed too sad to end on ) if or when you are harmed, kidnapped or otherwise targeted by the Decepticons, expect a change in the twins behaviour immediately after.Prepare to have a relaxing day for the rest of the day ( if Sides and Sunny were scheduled for anything, they suddenly find themselves with the day off ).

sunstreaker x reader x sideswipe

this blog is no longer active. ? HEADCANONS ON BEING SUNSTREAKER & SIDESWIPE?S S/O....

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe and bumblebee

The moment she feels him relax once more and let out an unsteady breath is the moment she bites down.Pulling his shirt collar aside, she dips down and places a gentle kiss against his collarbone.Blinking hazel eyes, full of smugness and challenge at him, she began to press little kisses up the path her fingers had followed, paying extra attention to those freckles of his.Smirking at the way he tenses, she kisses it once again.Deviating from where he's obviously trying to get her to kiss his lips, she kisses his cheek teasingly instead.It was a little thrilling to know she had them so enthralled, even if a small part of her wanted to curl up and die from the embarrassment of acting like this. Jiub morrowind. The sight of his pout was endearing and she didn't hesitate in pressing a hard kiss against them.”.A fleeting thought skipped through her mind and she was helpless to resist it.Though she was sure that she was enjoying their predicament far more than they were.Whatever he saw in her own expression was enough for him to relax and taunt her.But she does notice, particularly when she draws her head back and bumps into a shoulder and exposes her neck.She knew she couldn't kiss and mark his neck like he was so wont to do with her, so she'd have to go lower.The smile quickly drops when Sideswipe draws her attention with his fidgeting and a taunt.That was a mistake that was going to cost her, from the way hands suddenly gripped her hips, fingers digging in enough that she's sure there'd be bruises later, but not pulling her from her place, though that could be because a second pair of hands was suddenly on her thighs, just above her knees.Part of her knows he's goading her into moving, giving in, and a part of her thinks that he suspects she won't be bold enough to do so.It was absolutely intoxicating having them at her mercy like this, all wound up and frustrated and begging.The poor boy was trying to hard to be cool and collected, even more so now that she was in his lap.She couldn't be having that, no sir, not at all.She could and would go through with this.At least not until his breathing began to pick up along with his wiggling.Lips just barely brushing against his own, she laughs quietly and whispers against them.. 30 Mina x Izuku ideas. Go ahead I don't blame you, I'm quite attractive.He was shifting and wiggling now and then, trying to get her attention to shift elsewhere or press into the kisses harder.He wasn't though, she could feel that much, minute tremors running through him.The audible huff against her jaw is warning enough that he's getting close to trying something.

sunstreaker x reader x sideswipe

Consentement à la protection de la vie privée

Transformers Generations 1 - Constructicons VS Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and Optimus Prime

The most she can do at this point is ride it out until she wakes up.old wounds that just wouldn't go away, seemed to cascade all around her, waiting for her to stop fighting and sink..Good thing that literally two seconds after he got her down a humming started up.There was no pain, but she was slightly stunned.The harsh 'whoosh' of her panicked breathing seemed to drown out all other sounds. Kara lynn apartments. She was so out of it that the massive shape approaching from behind her garnered no notice.Feelings and pain swirl around her and her dream self can do nothing but openly sob.from both his voice and his.She fully expected him to turn away, return to his own.Her breathing began to even as her eyes fluttered shut and her body relaxed.The finger she held onto slowly began to pull away and for one moment she was tempted to cling to it.That idea was quickly tossed away and she reluctantly let her hands fall to her lap, never once taking her eyes off his face.A strangled squeak left her and she stiffened slightly in surprise.Whatever it was, she barely hesitated to clamber on and secure herself to on of his fingers.berth (she thinks that what they called beds anyway), and leave her be, now that she was conscious.She followed the movement blankly until it finally registered that he was waiting for her to climb into the palm of his hand.Feet tangling in the blankets she tumbled down into a heap.Maybe it was fear.They really do make good prompts to write or draw for. The closer she was brought, the more her mind filled with staticky confusion.Her eyes focused and she let them trail upward until they came to rest on the blank screen that served as her companion's face.She realizes that she's trapped in a dream almost immediately, but can't shake herself awake no matter how determined and panicked she is. Cameron campbell camp camp. It wasn't until a gentle touch to her head caused her to shoot up and attempt to stumble away that she noticed anything other than her own panic.Maybe that simple expectation would be a good enough excuse for how she reacted when instead of retreating, the digit she had held onto slowly, gently brushed across her head once again.She couldn't see his optics behind the reflective mask, but she could feel his curious gaze; for all the sharp edges, silence, dark coloring, and circumstances with which brought her here.Embarrassed and unsure, she exhaled slowly and as quietly as possible.It seemed as if he expected her to.Her eyes widened and she's sure she looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

We have things we need to discuss,” and with that, the gold mech was off, storming passed just about everyone.The only one that really caught your attention was a shiny gold Lamborghini that drove carefully and slowly.Yeah, heh, I can give both a funny and serious answer to that. “Sides, honey,” you said in a daze.” ((And that’s how you began to do as many things to gross Sunstreaker out.You actually did cry when you decoded the names, one of which being Sides’s twin. One Punch Man YouTube. “We need to talk about what love is and how to show it.You just grinned and turned back in time to see the large autobot touch down, different types of cars rolling out a half second later.Mod O's OCs can be written about upon request!.XD)) Funny Answer: Serious Answer: You couldn’t help but to bounce on your feet as you stood on your tip-toes, desperately trying to look over your boyfriend’s fingers as you two waited for Silverbolt to land.Sides, when you’re done with the flesh fauna, come to our quarters.When you had gotten the transmission that the Aerialbots alongside a couple of Frontliners had gotten Prime’s transmission and were heading to Earth, it had taken everything you have in you not to start crying in relief, because as Sideswipe was currently the only Frontliner on Earth, he went on every mission, and he always came back worse for wear.He even cried too when the bond between brothers was finally able to be fully opened, seeing as they had been apart since Cybertron fell, and a fully open bond at that distance would’ve killed them.

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Transformers G1 Ratchet Sunstreaker and Sideswipe

sunstreaker x reader x sideswipe

sunstreaker x reader x sideswipe

sunstreaker x reader x sideswipe

sunstreaker x reader x sideswipe wattpad

sunstreaker x reader x sideswipe

sideswipe x human reader x sunstreaker

sunstreaker x reader x sideswipe

sunstreaker x reader x sideswipe

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